An update.

I’ve been working at this for well over a month. When I first started, my goal was to have all Twenty-Seven Things done by Rafe’s and my birthdays in mid-August. It’s become clear to me that that’s going to be hard to do.. So far, I’ve done five Things for the first time. I’ve already learned a lot and I’m excited to keep going without the pressure of a time frame. Here’s an update on what I’ve accomplished so far:

Thing 1: Plant a Vegetable

My vegetables are all deader than any dead thing that’s ever died. I’m not sure what happened. I tucked each seed carefully into the soil and lovingly spritzed them with water every so often and placed the container on my front porch in the sun every day, and wished them good luck in the evenings. I squeed when I saw little green shoots erupting from the soil and thought that I was now some sort of horticultural genius. And then one day those adorable green sprouts turned brown and collapsed to the soil like a wacky waving inflatable arm tube man with his cord unplugged. I mourned for a few days and told myself this was likely to happen. Two weeks ago I took the remaining seeds of the basil, mint, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini and quite literally threw them into an old whiskey barrel on our back patio and forgot about them. Yesterday I looked out and saw SPROUTS EVERYWHERE. Things are happening and I did absolutely nothing to encourage it. So who knows what that means.

Thing 2: Rotate my Tires

Pretty much still feelings like a badass there.

Thing 3: Get a Blowout

I haven’t been back to stylingbar, BUT I WANT TO. I just haven’t had the occasion or the time or the energy or the need. But I’m on the lookout because that experience was sort of amazing.

Thing 4: KonMari my Closet

Guys. My closet is still organized and looking beautiful (except for when the babe is in there… he seems to think my shoes look better thrown on the floor). I even reorganized Big Rafe’s closet. He came home and asked where all of his clothes went. I didn’t even get rid of that many things (some stained Old Navy graphic tees and polos from ex girlfriends; you’re basically 30 and we’ve been married seven years. I think you’ll be okay). I just put everything in a spot that made sense and folded things nicely. Hooray! I’ve become ruthless in getting rid of stuff I don’t like. I even found myself doing it at a friend’s house the other day. So yeah. I guess I am now the type of person that judges your belongings and desires to get rid of your things that don’t bring me joy. Sorry about that.

Thing 5: Remodel(ish) my Bathroom

Most of the anxiety this project caused me as worn off. I’m now to the point where I can look at the mirror frame and think about fixing it up a bit. The shelves are still lovely and I still love being in there.


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