Thing 10: Get dizzy at spin class

I went to a spin class.

It was terrible.

The instructor kept telling me to KICK IT UP A KNOTCH and I really just wanted to tell him to MAKE ME.

Is it possible to be bored and overstimulated at the same time? I was. The music was loud and threatening. Every song sounded like the hidden tracks on a one-hit wonder’s comeback album.

The seat was incredibly uncomfortable (although it helped when the instructor showed me how to adjust it so I wouldn’t get violated during up downs). And I know what you’re thinking, that it’s exercise and not supposed to be comfortable. But that’s my problem with bike riding. I’m a leisurely bike rider.  I want to look at stuff and feel the wind in my hair and see how far I can pedal with no hands. The most fun I’ve had biking was on the back of a tandem with my father-in-law, but even then Rafe and I were only dating and I was mortified that I would accidentally touch his dad’s butt.

Here we are getting the tandem ready in May 2008. This was the last time I sort of enjoyed riding a bike. Also I think Erich is helping me put gloves on correctly.

I just can’t fathom a situation in real life where I would need the strength and stamina to pedal a bike that hard and fast. This was my only thought all class, like a freshman in geometry: When am I ever actually gonna use this?

Walking into the cycle studio was exciting and scary and new (the instructor also had to show me how to change gears). If I was looking for a mindless workout, spin would be a great option. I undoubtedly got a good workout because I was sore for a day or two afterward. Maybe I was just grumpy that morning, but I think I would just much rather use that time running or throwing a barbell over my head.

spin coffee.JPG
Here’s me red-faced and annoyed post workout. From my bike I had a clear view of the coffee pot and only wanted to be friends with it the whole time.

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